No. The Official Receiver is only interested in real estate, vehicles worth over £2000, and items worth over £500 but only those that are not essential for normal life (e.g., antique collections, jewellery). There is no obligation to disclose household appliances, electronics, furniture, and home furnishings in your bankruptcy application. Nobody visits or checks on the bankrupt. Although in the case of running a business, the bankrupt must disclose owned machinery, equipment, and tools, if the business is the sole source of income for the bankrupt, the Official Receiver will not be interested in them. If the bankrupt owns a vehicle worth over £2000, the Official Receiver may take possession of that vehicle and offer the bankrupt another vehicle worth no more than the aforementioned limit. However, if the vehicle worth over £2000 is used for the bankrupt’s work and maintenance, the Official Receiver may refrain from seizing it. If the bankrupt owns a vehicle of significant value but bought on instalments, under the law, this vehicle is not their property. Until the loan is repaid, it remains the property of the financing company, and in such a case, the Official Receiver cannot seize it. However, the bank or financing company will be notified of the bankruptcy, and further use of the vehicle will depend on their decision and independent negotiations between the bank and the bankrupt.