Our company consists of independent experts – debt advisors.

We specialize in providing legal assistance with filing for personal bankruptcy (personal bankruptcy) in England and Wales. We have many years of experience in conducting financial assessments of individuals and in the bankruptcy procedure applicable in England and Wales, regulated by the Insolvency Act 1986, Section IX. We have assisted in over 400 personal bankruptcies.

We have handled all cases from start to finish, from preparing bankruptcy petitions to obtaining discharge certificates. From 2008 to March 2016, we attended many county courts in England with our clients and participated in bankruptcy proceedings. Most of these proceedings took place in London county courts, especially in the Central London County Court and the High Court in London. At that time, paper bankruptcy petitions (Bankruptcy Petition – Form 6.27) and Statements of Affairs (Form 6.28) had to be prepared. We accompanied our clients during their interviews conducted in the offices of the trustees.

Since April 2016 – after the change in the bankruptcy procedure – we have been working online, but we still assist our clients in filing for bankruptcy from start to finish, from preparing the bankruptcy petition to obtaining the Discharge Certificate.

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